10ha (24 acre) Teak and Orange Grove with Ocean View

Price: 290,000 USD

Around 5 kilometers (3 miles) from the beach of Bejuco on the Nicoya Peninsula lies this 10-hectare (24 acre) property mostly covered in teak trees. Most of the trees were planted in 2010 while a smaller number were planted in 2012. The total land covered by teak is around 7 hectares (17 acres). Observing the world wood prices this land is already a good investment, but the property offers much more.

From the entrance at the bottom a small internal road leads up to a big viewing plateau with gorgeous ocean views and of the surrounding mountains. This spot is ideal for building one or even more houses.

All around this plateau several hectares of fruit trees were planted and provide big and sweet fruits. There are around 278 orange trees, 187 mandarin trees, 10 mango trees and 17 lemon trees (10 limón dulce, 7 limón mesino). The yield of these trees is significant and can easily be sold at market price for a considerable profit.

Public electricity is available at the entrance and there is also a 70 meter (230 feet) deep well. Public water is not available, but the well is registered which means one can obtain a building permit nonetheless.

To get to the property, one needs to cross a small river which can be tricky during some days of the year. There is a project underway to build a car bridge in addition to the motorbike bridge which is already in place.

The nearest village is around 10 minutes away and has a small supermarket, restaurants, bars, and a church. The nearest beach is around 15 minutes by car and has an incredible fish market where you can buy freshly caught fish right from the fishermen.

Price: 290,000 USD