106ha (261 acres) with Ocean views, virgin Forests and Masterplan for Residential Development

Price: 1.800.000 USD

This property is ideal for a residential development focusing on nature preservation and well-being. Please do not hesitate to ask for the Masterplan with the segregated lots, internal roads, developing ideas and much more info if there is any interest.

Overlooking the beautiful beaches of Coyote and San Miguel on the southern part of the Nicoya Peninsula lies this forested part of land. The property covers an entire ocean-facing hillside with an internal road going up to the top plateau which offers the best views on the farm.

The property has around 40 hectares of virgin forest. There is not much virgin forest left on the Nicoya Peninsula due to deforestation in the past which makes this piece of land even more attractive. There are numerous species of plants and animals that are hard to find elsewhere.

Besides the virgin forest we find another 40 hectares with secondary forest. In this part there are 25 lots ranging from 2000m2 to 5000m2 each.

The other 23 hectares are covered with pastures ideal for animal keeping or fruit tree planting.

Following the internal road to the top we find 10 more lots with beautiful ocean views of 2000m2 each.

There are 4 registered wells on the property one being 140 meters deep and known as one of the best deep wells in the entire province of Guanacaste.

This region is very rural and quiet what brings the attraction for the people visiting. Nevertheless, also this region is developing faster by year and it is just a matter of time that this part of the country will also be a big tourist hub.

San Miguel’s white sand beach is around 10 minutes’ drive away. The nearest village with all necessary essentials is around 15 minutes’ drive away. In under an hour, you can reach hospitals, banks and bigger shopping.

Price: 1.800.000 USD