22ha (54 acres) with Breathtaking Ocean and Gulf views

Price: 150,000 USD

In the mountains of the southern Nicoya Peninsula around 700 meter or 2200 feet over the Pacific Ocean lies this amazing Property.

The main road to get there is fairly steep and you get a feeling of being in the middle of nowhere. If that is not for you this property is not for you. If you like to be in a quiet and sparsely populated area and you like mountains this is just the right place.

After driving up the windy road to the last little village with a small church and a few people living here you are rewarded with this unique view. In the South you see the coast of Tambor, in the west you see the coast of Coyote, in the north you see several mountain ranges into the distance and in the east you see the Gulf of Nicoya. Truly spectacular.

The property as you might expect is quite steep since it is on top of a mountain but there are flat parts scattered around the property and an amazing plateau at the top. At the bottom we find a river which runs through the property and is born on the land which means that there is a good natural spring. There is public water in the village around 500 meters away and the electricity goes almost all the way to the property.

Although one gets this feeling of being on top of the world and in the middle of nowhere the nearest town with supermarkets, banks, restaurants and all necessities is just 30 minutes by car. Gorgeous Pacific beaches are also around 30 minutes by car.

Price: 150,000 USD