Ocean View Lots near Wildlife Park of Camaronal

Starting from 89,000 USD

These gorgeous lots are located near the beach of Camaronal on the Nicoya Peninsula, which is famous for its surf and amazing nature. Specially the arrival of the turtles to lay eggs and subsequently be born is the highlight of this wildlife refuge.

The lots have amazing views over the bay, white water waves and the blue Pacific Ocean. There are four lots in total with different prices, sizes and quality of the view. The best way to understand the lay out and decide which lot suits you is to come in person and enjoy the beauty of it all.

Every lot has their own water connection and electricity connection which comes from the public grid.

Lot 1- Size: 2756m2 (0.68 acres) Price: 89,000 USD

This is smallest lot of all. Most of the land is on a slope, but it has some flat parts on top with       amazing views. The lots were divided in such a form that nobody can obstruct the view in the future. One could carve into the hill to create a plateau like it is common in the area.

Lot 2- Size: 5138m2 (1.27 acres) Price: 199,000 USD

This lot has the entire land facing the Ocean side it has some flat plateaus where one could build a house that just need to be expanded. The lot also has steep land which goes all the way down to a stream which forms the border of the property. Here we find a nice forest with a lot of birds and other animals.

Lot 3- Size: 5725m2 (1.42 acres) Price: 249,000 USD

This lot borders Lot Nr.2 and has therefor the same slope towards the bordering creek with thick forest but it has more land on the top of the hill with the best views. There is enough space to build several houses.

Lot 4- Size: 3230m2 (0.79 acres) Price: 249,000 USD

This lot might be a bit smaller than the previous, yet it has the same price because it has most of the prime land on the top. The property reaches the public road which means one could build an own private entrance. There is enough space at the top to build a couple of cabins with amazing views and start a business.

The area is laid back and rural. The nearest town is the popular beach town of Samara which is around 30 minutes by car. It offers all the necessities such as banks, supermarkets, hardware stores, great restaurants and bars right on the beach. It is a very neat and small town with a great organic food community. The Liberia international Airport is around 2 and a half hours away.