Beautiful 3892m2 (0.96 acres) lot with synthetic football pitch and Rancho on the Nicoya Peninsula
Price: 165.000 USD
The region of Hojancha is considered to be one of the places in Costa Rica with best life quality and lowest crime. This is one of the reason why the life expectancy here is higher than in other parts of the country. It is situated in one of the few “blue zones” in the world which affects these factors in a positive way.
Due to its altitude the climate is always pleasant yet hot and sandy beaches, like Samara and Carrillo Beach, can be reached in under an hour. The property itself has a synthetic football pitch which means there Is not much maintenance required to keep the field nice and green and always usable. With a great view over the property and the pitch there is one Rancho which is open and has about 180m2 in size.
The Rancho is set up like a restaurant, where you have a counter that can be closed on one side and open on the other three sides. The setup is perfect for opening a bar or restaurant for people who enjoy nature and sports or simply for a family hang-out place. The other building is 84m2 big and is set up like a cabin. Made from wood it has a rustic look to it but would need some renovation. Here we find 2 Bedrooms and 2 Bathrooms. A little storage shack as well as a separate toilet/changing room are also located near the pitch.
Public water and electricity are also available, as well as a artisanal well. The property is covered in fruit trees. Mandarin trees, several lemon trees, banana, apple, litchi, mango and other tropical fruit trees can be found here.
Due to the abundant nature and the ‘Capulines’ trees planted here a great amount of fauna can be seen as well. Specially birds and monkeys like to hang out here. With only 2km (1.25 miles) to Hojancha, all the shopping opportunities including banks and a hospital are not far away.
Price: 165.000 USD