Gorgeous 66ha (163 acre) Farm with lots of water on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 580.000USD

This gorgeous 66ha (163 acre) Farm is located in the mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula at an altitude of about 400m (1200 feet). This property is basically a cattle farm and therefore most the farm consists of green pastures where cows and horses feel home. But the farm has much more to offer.

Around 5ha (12 acre) is covered in thick forests, some parts are even virgin forest that have never been cut with gigantic trees scattered. The property has a lot of water which is another factor that makes this ideal for animal keeping or other agricultural use. A total of 6 springs spread through the farm with half of them having water all-year-round and a water storage system in place.

A small yet beautiful river runs through the farm creating natural pools and astonishing waterfalls. It was a real pleasure to walk this farm. Although it is a cattle farm, the property is remarkably diverse. From the hills you have great views over the property and the surrounding mountains. On around 5 ha (12 acres) of the farm there is a teak plantation which is around 6 years old.

There is a stable and a small house at the entrance. The road is very private since only the neighboring property owners use it. Yet the road is accessible through all the seasons.

The nearest town is Carmona at about 15 minutes’ drive away with all the shopping opportunities needed, banks and a veterinarian. Beautiful beaches such as Coyote or San Miguel Beach can be reached in 45 minutes.

Price: 580.000USD