42ha farm with 14year old teak on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 695.000US$

This 42 hectare farm is located on the Nicoya Peninsula in the canton of Hojancha. The farm is planted with about 40 hectares of teak, which were planted in 2006 and a small part in 2007. The climate here is perfect for teak and you can see this reflected in the trees. Most trees are already 10-11 meters high! The property is divided into two sections by a small unused public road. The larger part has a size of 39ha and then 3ha on the other side.
On the small part there are 13 year old teak trees as well as large natural trees along the river (Rio Morote), which borders the farm for about 800 meters. This river has quite a bit of water all year round. The terrain of the farm is higher though, so it could never be flooded.
On the 39 ha part, the trees were planted one year earlier and are therefore 14 years old.
Access to the farm is good down to the last kilometer. Here the road has to be fixed to be able to drive to the farm. However, the owner has offered to repair the road and cut all the undergrowth of the farm when there is a concrete buyer.

Price: US $ 695,000