14 ha Weideland mit Teakbäumen in der Nähe von Nicoya

Preis: 120.000 USD

Around 15 minutes from the center of Nicoya City lies this 14-hectare (34 acre) property which is mostly covered by pastureland and used for cattle keeping. Around ¾ of the year the gras is green and lush, yet the pictures were taken in the middle of the dry season. Still there is a natural spring for cattle and public water available. Public electricity is also available.

At the entrance there is a simple house used by the workers. A stable for the cows can also be found. There are around 800 Teak trees which were planted in 2018. Around two hectares are covered in tropical dry forest.

There are some planted fruit trees near the house like mango, oranges, lemons, coconut and more.

The region is very good for teak, and the mentioned fruits, which gives this property a good potential for a plantation. There are also some reforestation projects nearby which is also a viable option or the traditional cattle keeping which adds up to a significant income by renting the pastures for cattle. In Costa Rica the price varies between 8-12 USD per cow per month.

Samara Beach is around one hour by car and is a very popular hot spot for tourists. Supermarkets, Hospitals, Banks, and all other necessities can be found in Nicoya at around 10-15 minutes driving.

Price: 120,000 USD