55ha (136 acre) with teak plantation and orange grove near Hojancha

Price: 480,000 USD

In the outskirts of the popular town of Hojancha lies this 55-hectare (136 acre) property. Most the land, around 45 hectares (111 acres) are covered with 6-year-old healthy looking teak trees. This alone is a good investment since wood seems to become scarcer and more expensive.

There are around 4000 orange trees, which are also 6 years old and producing big, sweet oranges. The region is known for the orange production for import and export. Depending on the season and the prices this plantation would yield not less than 25,000 USD per year.

There are three internal roads leading to different parts of the property which have a drainage system in place. This is the main reason the roads are still in good shape after so many rainy seasons and it is usually a big initial investment one has to make.

The property is not only a plantation. On the upper part one can enjoy beautiful views to the far distance, the surrounding mountains and overlooking the sleepy town of Hojancha. There are big plateaus ideal for building several houses with amazing sunset views. Up here you find peace and tranquility and there is a unique feeling about standing in the middle of an orange grove, especially when they are flowering.

There is also a small, forested part and a natural spring which has water all year round. There is no public water and the public electricity is not far away on the neighbor’s property.

The town of Hojancha can be reached in under 10 minutes and offers all necessities such as supermarkets, restaurants and banks. Beautiful beaches such as Carrillo or Samara Beach can be reached in under one hour by car.

Price: 480,000 USD