11ha (26 acres) of tropical forest on the Nicoya Peninsula with amazing views of the Pacific

Price: 160.000USD

It is hard to find something like this farm nowadays. Untouched for decades this tropical forest stretches through the entire 26 acres of the property. There are gigantic trees scattered around with their roots travelling several hundred feet through the majestic ground of this incredible place.

On certain places a beautiful view of the blue Pacific Ocean can be enjoyed over the tree tops while being in the jungle. It is a quite unique feeling.

The property is quite flat and has several natural plateaus with great views that could be turned into homesites without destroying much of the surrounding nature. Although the property has access to public water and electricity there is a beautiful clear water creek with small waterfalls running through it.

The general access to the farm is good and the farm itself also has a lot of road frontage.

The nearest beach is not even 5 minutes’ drive away and is arguably one of the most beautiful in Costa Rica. There even is an airstrip nearby which is not very frequented but can partly be observed from the property.

Price: 160.000USD