335 acres (135 ha) forest property with ocean view near Samara Beach

Price: 150,000US$ ($0.11/m²)

After driving up fairly steep roads you are rewarded with this beautiful 135ha property with several ocean view plateaus and located merely 20 minutes drive from Samara beach. 

The property is located in a fresh climate at an altitude of 600m and consists of 2 parts, each with separate plan and title. There is a public road in between the two parcels and driving along the road you will see various rather flat areas or small hills that would serve perfect as home sites. From here you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic ocean views over the pacific coast of the Nicoya Peninsula. A big part of the property is densely forested and here you find a good stream that runs all year round and originates only a little above on a neighboring property. This water is very clean and would serve perfectly as drinking water which is important as the property does not have access to public water. There is also no electricity on the property but nowadays this should not really pose a problem as there is very good solar power equipment available. 

The property has a contract with the Costa Rica government for forest protection and is receiving the yearly benefits from the government which is app. 65US$ per ha/per year.

If desired one could also terminate the protection contract at any time or one could also use up to 10% of the land for residential purpose and for the rest one leaves the contract in place. 

This is a property with a great potential at low price!

Price: 150.000US$