35ha (87acre) estate with gorgeous ocean views on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 500.000 USD

This 35ha (87acres) estate is located in the mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula at an altitude of about 750m.

An internal gravel road which is in a very good condition is leading from the entrance of the farm to the highest point where you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic ocean views. There is a huge natural plateau in this part of the property. Here you could build your dream home and a huge pool and still would have a lot of space left for other structures!

The farm is locally known for its great water resources. All year round you have so much natural spring water that you could grow vegetables also in the dry season. There is even a little waterfall in the center of the property and all this water is coming from the farm! Apart of that there is a river in the lower part of the estate which could also be used for irrigation. The lower part of land is forested while the upper part consists mainly of pastures. The soil is very good and you could plant citrus fruits or coffee or the like. Everything grows fine here!

There is electric on the property and access to the farm is very good all year round. There is a little supermarket in the village and for bigger shopping one would drive to Carmona which is about 40 minutes away. To beautiful Playa Coyote you drive about 30 minutes.

Price: 500.000 USD