7ha (17 acres) with Riverfront, Forest, and Treehouses on the Nicoya Peninsula

Price: 195,000 USD

In the mountains of the Nicoya Peninsula at around 600 meters over the Pacific Ocean lies this beautiful property with riverfront and several cabins. The farm is almost 8- hectares in size and has several kilometers of hiking trails running through the property. The river has several natural pools ideal to cool off on hot days.

There are 6 houses on the property that were used to rent out on different internet platforms.

The houses are mostly made from wood and dispersed on the property. The main house has two bedrooms, kitchen and living room. Following the trail towards the river there are two smaller cabins made from stone. These are single rooms with shower attached. Where those two cabins are we find 2 more wooden cabins. One of them is built in a tree forming a beautiful tree house and the other one is a two-story wooden cabin. The last cabin is in the middle of the forest and is also built like a tree house. The setup is quite unique and ideal for nature loving people, although the cabins could use some maintenance since they haven’t been rented for a while.

The property is mostly covered in lush green forest but also has a couple of hectares of pine trees that could be used for further cabin construction, kept the way it is or even sold. There are several fruit trees on the land such as mango, oranges, mandarins, avocado and much more.

Since the cabins have not been rented for a while the hiking trails are a bit overgrown and one can see that it has been abandoned for a bit. Nevertheless, the potential of this property is incredible considering the low price and the small effort to bring the glory back to this unique setting.

The nearest beach is around 30-35 minutes’ drive away and is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Costa Rica. Small errands can be done in the mountain village, for bigger errands, restaurants, banks and more one need to drive to Carmona which is around 45 minutes’ drive.

Price: 195,000 USD